Dotdash Meredith Premium Publishing is a portfolio of special-edition, single-topic publications from some of Dotdash Meredith’s most loved brands such as Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, Southern Living, Allrecipes and more.

Our consumers are highly-engaged with each single-topic issue, allowing brands to specifically target their messaging within a 100% contextually relevant environment. We have a wide and varied category assortment, publishing extensively in food, home, entertainment, pet and health and wellness. All of our issues are printed on high quality paper and contain limited advertising pages. Our unrivaled brands and market intelligence help us command a dominant share of the premium priced magazine market.


Contextually relevant environment for your marketing message


Avg. cost per issue results in higher engagement and more usage moments with the content


Premium publishing shoppers spend twice as much per grocery trip vs. an avg. shopper



Health and Wellness



Pop Culture